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About Us

Jess Martin

Jess Martin is as well known for her accomplishments as an international agility competitor as she is for her uncanny talent as a teacher.


As a competitor, Jess is a five time National Agility Champion (with three different dogs) and was the AWC 2010 World Champion. She has also represented Canada at multiple world championships (FCI, IFCS, WAO, EO and AKC invitational) and has multiple titles in agility, obedience, and rally.


As a teacher, she pulls from her over 18 years of dog training experience to teach the most basic elements of dog training to students in a way that gives them those 'aha!' breakthrough moments with their dogs. Specializing in training from the perspective of emotional balance in sport dogs (both building motivation and soothing over-arousal), she focuses on addressing the dog's emotional state in order to enhance the dog-handler relationship and improve performance. 

With a motley crew of her own-including 5 different breeds and various farm animals she truly the ability to successfully work with all types of dogs and a variety of other animals.


Kim and Norbert

Nothing great is possible without a behind-the-scenes- crew that works tirelessly to support the dream. 

Kim (Jess' mom) became involved in the agility community when Jess was too young to drive to competitions and began to offer her time to score at agility events (such as local trials, regionals, and nationals). Anyone that has attended a seminar at the Agile Acres property will know Kim for the famous lunches she prepares. 

Norbert, Sous Chef to Kim and handyman extraordinaire, keeps the Agile Acres property in stunning condition, ensuring it's always an inviting place for students and seminar attendees to learn in. 

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