Online Academy

Looking to learn agility online?

Now you can enjoy weekly classes from your own home! 

This 6 week program includes the same format followed in our popular weekly classes but modified for at home training! 

What's holding your dog back from agility success?

Learn the Key Strategies to unlocking your dog's agility potential

Is your dog struggling with focus and motivation?

Does your dog LOVE agility, but get over-the-top excited and struggle to listen and stay connected to you?

Do you have a new puppy that you want to start off right and avoid repeating mistakes you’ve made in the past?

Does your dog do great in practice but just can’t seem to perform in a competition?

Solving these problems on your own can be next to IMPOSSIBLE, and most agility classes just focus on teaching obstacles and handling skills which never addresses the REAL PROBLEM.

You know what you’re doing isn’t working…but you don’t know where to start.

The solution is here!

The Fast & Focused Program is a revolutionary,12 week interactive online training course that will help you overcome your agility struggles and dramatically shortcut your path to agility success!


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FREE Online Footwork Course!

Now, I had full intentions of this being a paid course, BUT since I know how much people can benefit from mastering the moves themselves, I’ve decided to

offer it completely FREE.

Click here to get signed up!

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We all know that great handling is a key element to developing a confident, fast, and consistent agility dog, and yet often we don't dedicate time to really Mastering the Moves ourselves. 

That's why I developed this course, to help you become a smoother, more confident handler without having to worry about your dog at the same time! 

Do you find yourself:

  • Struggling with spatial awareness

  • Getting stuck flat footed

  • Being unsure of what foot goes where

  • Questioning which hand to use

  • Wanting to become the best handler possible for your dog!

If so, this course can help!

Connection. Communication. Consistency

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