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Ado Drive it like u stole it AGI AGXJ ADC SGDC

Although I wasn’t looking for a terrier, sometimes dogs just come into our lives for a reason. Hijack originally came to me so that I could take care of him until I was able to find a good family to re-home him to. Within hours of bringing him home, this little guy refused to leave my side and therefore became a permanent member of my canine family.


Before Hijack, all of my dogs had been naturally very focused on me, and I never had to work for their attention…leave it to the terrier to impart lessons of training focus! His fuzzy focus and moderate drive made me wonder if I could convince him to play agility at all, but Hijack has since become a very fast, consistent agility dog.  Hijack absolutely loves tricks and being the center of attention. The bigger the crowd, the faster he runs!


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